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Guidelines and Safety

The PRT Central Control team constantly monitors the PRT platforms and movement of the cars. Remember to follow the guidelines to ensure your safety.

PRT Guidelines

Stay off the PRT guideway at all times. This area contains highly dangerous voltage areas that can cause injuries to you or others.
Keep doors and windows closed. If a door or window is opened during your ride, all PRT cars will stop for an extended period of time.
Respect others while you’re in the PRT and waiting at the platform. Don’t push or shove inside the PRT cars or at any of the platforms.
While boarding the PRT, make sure all straps and buckles are securely tucked inside the car. If any item is caught between the doors, the PRT will not move from the station.
Respect the interior of the PRT cars and the platform. All areas are monitored by security cameras.
Follow all instructions given over the intercom system during disruptions to help us get the PRT back up and running as soon as possible.
Use the passenger assist phones located at each PRT platform if you have questions or concerns.
Limit vehicles to 15 passengers or fewer. Overcrowding can cause a disruption in service.

See Something? Say Something.

If you “see something” suspicious, “say something” by calling (866) 989-2824.

Callers remain anonymous and the toll-free line is monitored by the WV Intelligence Fusion Center. View more information on the University Police website.


Misconduct includes:

  • Jumping turnstiles
  • Pushing
  • Throwing items onto the track
  • Vandalism
  • Stepping onto the track
  • Attempting to open doors or windows while the PRT is operating

Misconduct may result in suspension or expulsion from the University, per the Campus Student Code and being banned from riding the PRT.

PRT platforms and concourse areas are monitored by video cameras and reviewed thoroughly.

For Your Safety

Some acts of misconduct require a complete power shutdown of the system, which strands passengers on the track for a long time. Many can be inconvenienced by the actions of a few who do not obey instructions or signs that have been posted.

If you accidentally drop something on the track, designated safety personnel can retrieve the item for you. Notify personnel by picking up one of the phones located on the platform. And remember: PRT cars do not work like an elevator, so do not hold the PRT doors so someone can board. If you try to hold the doors open, it will cause significant delays throughout the system.