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Since 1975, the PRT has helped students, faculty, staff and community members stay connected to West Virginia University’s Morgantown campus — all while promoting sustainability at the same time.

  • With an average of nearly 15,000 riders per day, the all-electric PRT has kept countless automobiles off the road and helped reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions across our campus. In fact, a recent study found the PRT reduces CO2 emissions by nearly 2,200 tons each year.

  • Based on a recent study, it would require an additional 34 buses to replace PRT service on an average day. The study also concluded it would require at least 40 buses running on a 2.5-minute headway (the time between bus departures) to achieve the same level of service provided by the PRT during special events, such as football games.

  • The CO2 emissions savings the PRT creates by replacing buses is equivalent to:

    • Removing 377 cars from the road.
    • Powering 168 homes.
    • Preserving nearly 19 acres of pine forest.

  • Mercury vapor lighting that was original to the construction of the PRT was transitioned to LED in late 2016 and early 2017. ~350 lights were replaced in the PRT stations and on the guideway reducing energy consumption by ~50% while providing a 25% increase in light levels for enhanced safety.