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If there is a disruption in PRT service, a notification will be sent through @WVUPRTstatus on Twitter and will include an estimated time of return service.

Downtime Instructions

If you are in a PRT car during a service interruption, please do not exit the car. Remain calm and wait for instructions that will be announced through the car's speaker. You can call (304) 293-5011 to report the issue.

If you are waiting on a PRT platform, you'll receive updates through the platform speakers and digital boards.

Bus Coverage

Direct bus service will be provided for the portion of the system that is temporarily out of service. If there is a long-term outage, announcements will be communicated on WVU's Twitter and Facebook accounts, U-News, E-News, Information Stations and other media outlets across campus.

Bus coverage runs between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. Monday through Friday. Buses don’t run on the weekends, unless there’s a WVU football game. Check the Transportation and Mountain Line websites for more travel options.

Bus Pickup Locations

  • Walnut: Campus Drive, adjacent to the Life Sciences Building
  • Beechurst: Campus Drive, adjacent to the Life Sciences Building
  • Engineering: Bus lane above the short-term parking lot (Lot 9) at the lower level of Evansdale Crossing
  • Towers: Bus loop in front of Brooke Tower
  • Medical/HSC: Bus lane in front of Mountaineer Station

Please note the bus loop at Hodges Hall is temporarily closed and PRT buses will not pick up at this location until further notice.