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Misconduct includes:
  • stepping onto the tracks
  • attempting to open doors or windows while on the PRT
  • interfering with the safety and efficient operation while riding the PRT or standing on a station platform
Misconduct may result in suspension or expulsion from the University, per the student Campus Student Code.

Disorderly conduct, such as jumping turnstiles, pushing, throwing items on the track, vandalism and any other safety related actions, will not be tolerated. Consequences for disorderly conduct include a ban on using the PRT. 

For safety reasons, some acts of misconduct require a complete power shutdown of the system, which strands passengers on the track for a long time. Many can be inconvenienced by the actions of a few who do not obey instructions or signs that have been posted.

If you accidentally drop something on the tracks, designated safety personnel can retrieve the item for you.  You should never step onto the tracks. Use the phone system available at all PRT platforms to let central operation know if there is an issue.  

PRT platforms are monitored by video cameras and reviewed thoroughly. Additional signage has been installed at the PRT platforms reminding passengers that they need to use caution because they are in a high voltage area.