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Disruption of Service

If there is a disruption in PRT service, a notification will be sent through @WVUPRTstatus on Twitter and will include an estimated time of return service. Direct bus service will be provided for the portion of the system that is temporarily out of service. If there is a long-term outage, announcements will be communicated through our Twitter and Facebook, U-News, E-News, Information Stations and other media across campus.  

PRT Downtime Bus Coverage

Hours of operation: 7 a.m.-8 p.m. 

Bus pick-up locations for PRT shutdowns 

Please note there is no weekend bus service except on game days.

  • Walnut: Lower pull-off area in front of Life Sciences Building
  • Beechurst: Lower pull-off area in front of Life Sciences Building
  • Engineering: Evansdale Crossing lower level, bus lane above short-term 9 parking lot 
  • Towers: In front of Brooke Tower in the loop area 
  • HSC: In front of Mountaineer Station


The PRT command center team constantly monitors the PRT platforms and movement of the cars. They know instantly when a car goes out of service. For safety reasons, please do not exit the cars and go out on the guideway. This will only prolong the delay for the system to come back online. Please remain calm and wait for instructions if you have to exit the car. If the PRT is going to be out of service for any length of time, information about the closure will be quickly distributed through various forms of media.

What if I get stuck on the PRT?

Students should use the phone systems on the platforms if there is an issue. You can also call 304-293-5011 or contact parking office 304-293-5502.

Can I hold the doors open so someone can board?

No, the doors on a PRT car do not work like an elevator.  If you try to hold the doors open, it will shut down the system. Please do not to touch the doors.

What if I drop something on the tracks?

If you drop something on the tracks accidentally, designated safety personnel can retrieve the item for you. You can notify the PRT personnel at the next station or call 304-293-5011. You should never step on the tracks because you could be hurt by a electrical shock or a fall.