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PRT Facts

Fun Facts

Check out these 14 PRT facts you may not have known.

  • The PRT first began passenger service in 1975.
  • The PRT is a public transportation service that receives capital funding assistance from the Federal Transit Administration.
  • Around 83 million people have traveled the PRT since 1975.
  • Approximately 15,000 people ride the PRT during the school year every day.
  • Since opening in 1975, the PRT has traveled approximately 22 million miles along its tracks.
  • People without ID cards pay just 50 cents to ride the PRT.
  • The system has 69 cars that are built on a Dodge truck chassis.
  • Each car can accommodate 8 seated passengers and comfortably carry a total of about 15 passengers.
  • The PRT can travel up to 30 mph.
  • It takes 11.5 minutes to ride the entire length of the system from the Walnut Street Station Downtown to the Health Sciences Station.
  • The vehicles position on the tracks is monitored constantly through computers.
  • The car is powered by environmentally friendly electric motors!
  • The New Electric Railway Journal rated the PRT as the best overall performer in its category.
  • During the PRT cram in 2000, a record of 97 people fit into the PRT.